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Auto Injuries

Have you had a Personal Injury? This injury may be related to an auto accident, work injury, a slip and fall or any other injury which was caused by the negligence of another person or entity. At Timko Chiropractic in North Phoenix, we specialize in the treatment of injuries arising from such accidents. Dr. Scott Timko and his highly qualified staff are trained to determine the extent of your injuries and set up a treatment plan that will assist you in returning to “pre-accident status.” Our goal is to get you feeling as good as or better than you did prior to your accident or injury.  

In most cases the costs incurred during the treatment of these injuries will be paid by a “third party.” That is the insurance company or person who is responsible for your injuries. That means no “out of pocket” expense to you. Most auto accident policies and worker’s compensation insurance will cover 100% of your care. Our billing will help you every step of the way in determining whether there is an open claim and will take care of sending your bills to the responsible party or to your attorney. We will gladly wait for payment from the responsible party or your attorney so there will be no up front charges to you whatsoever!

By closely documenting every step of the way with our state of the art diagnostic and note taking systems we will help you achieve the quickest and best possible outcome in the settlement of your claim. We also work closely with your attorney, if you should choose to retain one, to make sure they receive all the documents necessary to file a claim on your behalf.

We understand that along with the physical trauma you received, there is also often emotional strain and stress involved. That is why we do as much as we can to make your treatments and interactions at our office as easy and stress free as possible. We want to make sure you are able to focus on getting well and not have to worry about all the additional stresses that can be involved in handling these types of claims. 

Please click the services tab on our home page to see all the types of treatments that are available in our office to help you quickly and completely heal your injuries. You can also click on our New Patient tab and Online Forms to download and fill out the necessary Personal Injury and Accident forms to make your first visit quicker and easier.

If you have any questions or concerns, Dr. Timko or one of our qualified staff members will be happy to answer them for you. Give us a call at 602-863-3345 to schedule an appointment and begin the care that will take relieve your symptoms and allow you to resume all the activities that you enjoy.

For more information on settling a claim on your own click here: